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Ponte Vedra Custom Home Builder

Brandon Construction offers first class custom home builder services to the residents of Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach. Whether your preferred home style is Coastal, Traditional, Contemporary or Mediterranean inspired, Brandon Construction has the skill set to deliver a high quality Custom Home experience. All our Custom Homes have daily site management and oversite for the best possible quality and efficiency. All our projects have access to our in-house labor team that has over 100 years of custom carpentry and finishes experience to get the final touches just right.

Luxury Home Builder In Ponte Vedra Beach

True luxury homes reach their full potential when they are an expression of a preferred aesthetics that also incorporates the best available building science methods and materials. Luxury does not just refer to the things that are seen by the eye but also to the materials and methods that are used in building to deliver the best possible comfort and durability for the owner. This marriage delivers a truly luxury experience to the end user.

Whether you are entertaining or simply enjoying the fine finishes and thoughtfulness of your luxury home, we will make sure and guide each decision made working early on with Architects who have the same vision to deliver a premium product to our clients in Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach. Brandon construction works hard for owners to offer premium construction services that allows for a thoughtful and careful use of the owner’s resources and delivers a world-class luxury project.

Green Builder In Ponte Vedra

“Green” is a term that has been misused and therefore lost much of its meaning in the construction industry. What a discerning client wants to really know about a certain method or material selection is typically the same across most custom projects. Are the products and methods safe to the end user and environment? Are the materials long lasting? How are they maintained? What investments can I make on the front end that will make the operating costs as low as possible?

All these questions are well served by an early focus on energy efficient long-lasting materials and methods and great design. Brandon Construction will help your Ponte Vedra or Ponte Vedra Beach project along early with the selection of such rewarding choices, analyzing the return on investment of various methods and materials.

Ponte Vedra Coastal Builder & Contractor

Our coastal environment in Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach demands that any construction project be aligned with a builder who will deliver on the promise to build a durable, watertight and sound structure. Water intrusion and high wind resistance are part of the equation but also a focus on questions like “what kind of metals are being used on which part of the building? What building envelope methods are available and which are the longest lasting in our salty, humid environment?

What is the investment difference between poured concrete, insulated concrete forms (ICF), concrete block (CMU) or wood framing and what are the real-world benefits?” Brandon Construction is happy to provide early feedback and guidance to our clients to get them the best possible project experience.

Best Ponte Vedra General Contractor

Being a Custom Builder gives Brandon Construction the resources and relationships needed to deliver general contracting services to a wide variety of project types in Ponte Vedra Beach. From home additions and remodels to medical offices, restaurant, retail or mixed-use spaces Brandon Construction has the resources needed to deliver on all general contracting services to the business owners and residents of the Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach. See our Commercial Portfolio tab for more.


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