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Brandon Construction, LLC provides quality focused construction services for Northeast Florida. We build custom residences and unique commercial projects in the Jacksonville Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, Northern Flagler County, St. Johns County, Jacksonville, and greater Duval County areas. We welcome a phone conversation with you to discuss our custom building process, our experiences, and how we might advance your personal goals.

Since 2004, Brandon Construction, LLC has constructed stunning homes and commercial properties for clients throughout Northeast Florida. As leading custom home builders, our team offers exceptional attention to detail and workmanship to deliver the luxurious specifications our clients have come to know and expect. Our team's builders and home designers are eager to sit down with you to learn about your vision for your new property. With our expertise and experience, nothing is off the table when it comes to your new custom build.

Where are you in the building process? Whether you’re searching for property, interested in design-build options, or already have full plans developed, we’re ready to help advance your project. Feel free to browse our portfolio of other custom work, or call us to visit our office and schedule a tour of one of our current projects. Our field and office team is professional and takes pride in delivering safe, clean, high quality construction services.

We look forward to working with you!

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Brandon and his team are top notch. They are engaged, professional, excellent at what they do, and always available to take our calls. His team does what they say they will do and do it timely. We are blessed to be working with them on our new water front home in Crescent Beach.
Cary Fourman
Cary Fourman
Super friendly staff very knowledgeable.
Jeffery Kuper
Jeffery Kuper
A few years ago they added 2 new bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms to the second floor of our house... and they did a great job. But what really earned them the 5 Stars was the fact that they came back to fix a closet that had a problem. No questions asked... they stood by their work and took care of rhe problem 😃
susan wacholder
susan wacholder
I have worked with Beau, Brandon, Kati, Lex for 6 months on all aspect of designing, structural engineering, and permitting a ocean front custom home. THIS IS THE BEST TEAM IN PONTE VEDRA AREA. The entire process and experience has been outstanding. The team has tracked every detail down to even using a specific type of stainless steal screw since this building will be exposed to a lot of salt being ocean front home. This team has a wealth of knowledge on building science (house is wind rate to 180 MPH) and project management skills. Katie kept all the team members and suppliers on schedule with daily tracking and action item reports. Katie also drove the complex local and FDEP permitting (building falls within CCCL costal construction control line) and archived success with all local and FDEP permits in time for construction. Below is a rendering of the house. I will update this post when the house is constructed by Brandon Construction
scott thompson
scott thompson
I called Brandon Construction to get a quote, and spoke with Beau. Unfortunately, the work I was looking to contract was not something that they could help me with, but he was kind enough to refer me to someone he thought would be a better fit. He took my email, and made an email connection with another contractor for me. I really appreciate that, it's a good sign that there are good people working here!
Jim Guzzaldo
Jim Guzzaldo
The best builder in St Augustine Florida
Mark Moore
Mark Moore
We met with Beau Pineda to discuss design and construction on an ocean lot. He demonstrated tremendous patience in answering questions. He was extremely knowledgeable about the industry and the area. The creative quality of Brandon's online portfolio of homes they have been involved with is absolutely striking. Beau was able to provide tremendous insight as to local and federal ordinances, the special constructions needs to be considered in building on the beach, estimates, and thoughts on some of the available lots in the area. He walked us around one of their houses in construction and was able to give many examples that responded to our questions. Absolutely a professional meeting with someone who didn't change facts to meet our needs or try to sell us on something we didn't want. If you are considering building your own home just look at their online portfolio and compare it to others in the area and then ask for Beau Pineda / Brandon Construction.
Greg Cox
Greg Cox
Todo ven
Jose Ordonez
Jose Ordonez

What It's Like to Work With Northeast Florida's Premier Custom Home Builders

Our high-quality construction services, fine workmanship, and exceptional professionalism have enabled us to bring Florida "dream homes" to life for countless clients over the years. Brandon Construction, LLC can meet you exactly where you are in your building process. Whether you have full plans drawn out or you're seeking design-build options, we're ready to help you create the quality, timeless results that are part of your vision for your project. Our proven experience with home design and construction enables us to create high-value properties based on the unique specifications of our distinguished clients. Using a mix of in-house craftspeople and vendor connections developed over nearly 20 years, we're able to streamline the construction process without asking clients to make concessions based on limited availability or capability.

Start Building With Brandon Construction, LLC

When you build with Brandon Construction, LLC, every detail is tailored to your suit preferences and expectations. While your vision takes the lead, our team will always be here to provide guidance, recommendations, and problem-solving support every step of the way. While we want to help you get your property built as quickly as possible with as few setbacks as possible, you'll never feel rushed about making decisions. At Brandon Construction, we take a flexible approach that enables us to prioritize our clients’ needs and preferences. We want building your Florida home to be a positive experience that you can look back to and be fond of for the rest of your life. As part of our commitment to streamlining the building process for our clients, we manage all of the logistical and administrative aspects of planning your construction project. We'll manage those key vendor relationships and permit considerations that can keep the project moving along on schedule every step of the way. From your home designer to the construction crew, our team utilizes a clear-cut process to ensure that your project is moving along on time, on budget, and according to your vision.

Explore Options for Custom Built Homes in Northeast Florida

We invite you to browse our portfolio of custom-built homes to see what's possible when you work with highly rated custom home builders in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, Northern Flagler County, St. Johns County, Jacksonville, Duval County, and beyond! You can even schedule a tour of one of our ongoing projects to see what a custom Florida luxury home in the making looks like!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Custom Home Building

At Brandon Construction, LLC, we let the client set the tone for expectations when it comes to the size, design, and special touches that make a custom property someone's "dream home." However, we want clients to know that our team utilizes the same streamlined, detailed approach to constructing custom-built homes regardless of size or budget. First, our team of luxury home builders and home designers will take the time to understand your vision. We can bring your idea to life if you've already fully designed a home, need help starting from scratch, or prefer to have a team of professionals flesh out a rough outline for what you want in a home. Rest assured that we'll work hard to offer the custom touches you want while staying within the budget you've set.
What differentiates us from other luxury custom home builders?
Our 20-year record as premier custom home builders in Jacksonville and the rest of Northeast Florida sets us apart from other builders. We offer exceptional service from a team of builders and designers dedicated to bringing your vision to life using our streamlined process that creates a smooth experience from the initial design to the finishing touches. Our team has constructed everything from luxury oceanfront properties to niche commercial buildings.
How long have we been building custom homes?
Brandon Construction, LLC has been designing and building custom homes for clients in Northeast Florida since 2004. We are proud to say that we've become a sought-after, highly respected name among luxury home builders in the 20 years since we first opened our doors. During this two-decade run, we've developed relationships with local and national vendors that enable us to provide timely, streamlined service. During this time, we've also developed a step-by-step process for moving projects along to ensure that our clients can get their homes constructed on time, on budget, and according to their unique needs.
What factors need to be considered in designing a custom-built house?
When you sit down with a home designer from our team, you'll discuss your goals for taking on a new luxury home build. Factors to consider include lifestyle, design preferences, resale goals, location, timeline, and budget. The beauty of doing a custom build instead of simply settling for a builder-grade new home is that you're there at the ground level to provide input regarding every single facet of your home. However, this also means that you need to be prepared to make pivotal decisions about how your home will ultimately look, function, and serve your needs. We'll help you make the best decisions for creating a beautiful, functional home based on the terrain that your new home will sit on. We're experienced with both oceanfront and inland new constructions. The dedicated team at Brandon Construction, LLC will be there to hold your hand through the process to make sure that you're making informed, pressure-free decisions.
What services do you offer?
Brandon Construction, LLC specializes in developing custom-built homes and luxury homes. We offer the following services to our customers in Northeast, Florida:
  • Custom development
  • Design-build
  • A general contractor
  • A Project manager
  • An owner's agent
  • Consultation services
  • And more
What are my options for home design?
When you work with Brandon Construction, LLC, you're signing on with a team that has built some of the most beautiful properties throughout Northeast Florida. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the details and amenities you want to add to your new luxury home construction. When you book a consultation, you can sit down with a home designer from our team to browse our portfolio of completed projects. We'll also be more than happy to look at photos or blueprints that inspire your design for your new home.