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When you’re looking for custom builders in Fernandina Beach, FL, you want to work with the best. Brandon Construction has over 20 years of experience designing and constructing custom-built homes, and we serve the greater Jacksonville area including Fernandina Beach, FL. Our client-focused approach ensures that the vision for your home becomes a reality, as we not only work with you throughout the design process but are committed to open communication every step of the way. Our team of industry experts is here to help you design and create a space that meets your practical needs and allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of a luxury home.

Our Client-Focused Approach in Practice

Brandon Construction takes a more personalized approach to home building. We start with your vision, no matter how small or large, and transform it into a luxury home you'll love. Our multi-step consultation process allows us to dive deep into your preferences, guiding you through every detail. If you're uncertain about the design, don't worry, we'll help shape your custom home from a single idea. For example, if you dream of a gourmet kitchen but aren't sure about the rest, we'll build from there. Our team knows that building a custom home is a significant investment, so we work closely with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with the final product. At Brandon Construction, we don't just build houses, we care about the experience.


The Brandon team are top notch and attentive. Our project was an extensive addition to the eastern face of a riverfront home. Brandon had complete a renovation to the western face several years ago, and we were obviously pleased enough to return to them with a larger project.
The Brandon team are top notch and attentive. Our project was an extensive addition to the eastern face of a riverfront home. Brandon had complete a renovation to the western face several years ago, and we were obviously pleased enough to return to them with a larger project.
I consulted with Brandon Construction on a couple addition/remodel projects and Beau went above and beyond in helping with them. I appreciate the professionalism and care that was displayed.
We found Brandon Construction to be responsive, reliable, and enthusiastic in reviewing our home renovation project.

Blending Luxury and Customization in a Way That Works for You

The team at Brandon Construction knows that luxury is a subjective term. While one person may think a luxury home requires spacious living areas, another may look for luxury in a massive master suite that gives them plenty of space to refresh and renew themselves at the end of a long, stressful day. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to luxury, it’s important to choose a custom home builder in Fernandina Beach, FL, that’s committed to bringing your personal new construction preferences to life. Whether you’re looking for a home that’s eco-friendly or you’re focused on having the most cutting-edge technology in place, our team of world-class designers and builders will take your entire wish list into consideration when putting together the plans for your home.

A Personalized Approach to Luxury

Communication is key when looking for custom builders in Fernandina Beach, FL. That’s why Brandon Construction is so committed to hand-in-glove communication. We want to be your partners along every step of the custom home-building journey. If you have a change of heart about certain home features during the design process, let us know! We believe our job is done when you’re satisfied with the finished product.

Key Considerations When Building a Luxury Home in Fernandina Beach, FL

Florida is one of the most popular states for luxury homes. Thanks to the beautiful weather and abundance of things to do, people want to call the Sunshine State home. Whether you’re a long-time Florida resident or you’re making a move to Florida, it’s important to keep some key factors in mind when designing and building your custom home.

Florida's weather may be beautiful, but its high humidity and hurricane season require careful consideration when building a home. Humidity and salt air can affect materials in different ways, so selecting the right building materials is crucial. Additionally, your design choices can significantly affect your home's resilience to major weather events. That's why it's important to work with a custom home-building company experienced in Florida's unique climate. Brandon Construction understands the region's opportunities and challenges.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Brandon Construction, we’re proud to call Florida home, and our commitment to sustainable building reflects that. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into every project, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also deliver significant benefits to our clients. Choosing a sustainable custom home builder in Fernandina Beach, FL, means you'll enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills, thanks to our use of energy-saving materials and water-conserving fixtures. Most importantly, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your home was built with care for the environment.

Brandon Construction Comes Highly Recommended

In addition to being one of the most trusted names in residential construction, Brandon Construction also boasts a vast portfolio that cements us as one of the most trusted commercial builders working in the greater Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach, FL area.

We want you to be confident in your choice, which is why we’re more than happy to share our extensive portfolio of past projects with you. Additionally, Brandon Construction encourages you to speak with clients who are pleased to share their experiences.

Make Your Custom Home a Reality

The team of industry experts at Brandon Construction is here to help you make your custom home a reality. Our architects and designers will go over every detail with you, ensuring that every part of your custom-built home in Fernandina Beach, FL, exudes your personal tastes. Once you're ready, our team of builders will start crafting the custom home you've always wanted. Contact us today to discover why Brandon Construction should be your go-to choice for a new full custom home in Fernandina Beach, FL.


A great build starts with a vision.

Let us turn your vision into a reality.

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