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Welcome to Brandon Construction, LLC, the leading name in commercial construction in Northeast Florida. As seasoned commercial contractors, we bring your vision to life, creating state-of-the-art commercial spaces that align with your business objectives. Our commitment to quality, time efficiency, and budget-conscious execution sets us apart in the industry.

Your Hand-in-Glove Commercial Building Contractors

At Brandon Construction, we understand that every custom commercial construction project is different. That's why we pride ourselves on being your hand-in-glove partner to bring your vision to life. With a strong history of expertise and innovation, we understand the unique challenges that come with custom construction projects. Our seasoned commercial builders are dedicated to navigating these intricacies with you, assuring success at every turn. Whether it's a boutique retail space, a state-of-the-art office building, or a niche industrial complex, we're committed to completing the project with precision, efficiency, and unparalleled quality.

Trust Brandon Construction to transform your construction dreams into concrete reality.

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Luxury Development

If you have a construction concept but don’t know where to start, our development services will walk you through your goals and how to achieve them. We use our construction and end-user knowledge, coupled with industry-leading professionals, to get your concept well on its way to completion. 


Design-Build Custom Construction

As a true “one-stop shop” for owners with a vision, we are proud to offer design/build services. Over the years, we have built strong design capabilities by partnering with Florida architects and engineers to deliver a seamless product. 

General Contractor

Top General Contractors for Commercial & Custom Builds

Brandon Construction, LLC, has extensive experience in delivering on time and on budget from the ground up to remodeling. We use project management software and advanced accounting practices to generate needed reports throughout the construction process with great transparency. 

Project Manager

Construction Project Management Services

Many municipalities and owners prefer to serve as their own general contractors but rely on a skilled project management service to keep their projects on time and on budget. We provide highly trained personnel to control the cost and time of your project. 

Owners Agent

Construction Owner’s Representative

We take pride in representing owners during their projects from start to finish, or being called upon to help get a stalled project moving again. Our owner’s agent service bridges the construction knowledge gap between the owner and the general contractor, thereby protecting the owner’s interests first. 


Construction Consultation

Sometimes Owners need a neutral sounding board for their concerns or visions. We offer our Consultation services a’ la carte to those who recognize the value of having great expertise applied to their projects from day one.


A great build starts with a vision.

Let us turn your vision into a reality.

Let Us Be Your Trusted Commercial Builders

Brandon Construction, LLC, is your trusted partner in the realm of commercial construction, standing as the premier choice among commercial building contractors in Northeast Florida. Our reputation as a leading commercial construction contractor is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality, time efficiency, and budget requirements. Are you looking to transform an existing commercial space? Our team of commercial renovation contractors is equipped with the prowess to bring your project to life in record time. We look forward to turning your construction dreams into a tangible reality.

At Brandon Construction, LLC, we are confident that our comprehensive range of services will exceed your expectations. Get your commercial construction projects completed with our expert help. Our team of experienced commercial builders will take care of all the details and create a space that meets your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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