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Hammock Dunes, FL Custom Home Builder & Contractor

Brandon Construction LLC offers premium luxury custom home building services to the residents of Hammock Dunes.  Our company is designed, from our architectural partners through to site management and our craftsmen, to provide the best building experience possible.  Our in-house labor team has over one hundred years of combined custom carpentry and finishes experience to provide the best experience for those investing in premium Hammock Dunes real estate.

High-End Luxury Custom Home Construction In Hammock Dunes

Luxury homes always reflect the artistic tastes of the owner, but they should also be born from the very best available building science methods, materials, and management. Our design partners are premium architects and engineers in the North Florida region and are familiar with the oceanfront and coastal construction and ARB requirements for Hammock Dunes.  Our project managers coordinate an efficient build and our site superintendents guide the construction process throughout.  Brandon Construction offers a truly premium service with accurate, organized, and careful use of owner funds.  Our interior design partners ensure a high quality of finish level on every custom luxury project.

Pre-Build Services In Hammock Dunes

Brandon Construction is happy to meet on site at your Hammock Dunes lot, or even prior to your lot purchase, to provide early feedback and guidance.   Is fill going to be needed?  What’s the best layout of the home to capture views?  Can I see both the intracoastal and the ocean from my lot?  We’ll be glad to assist with these questions and more.

Environmentally Conscious Builder For Hammock Dunes

What are the best building methods to reduce energy costs?  What products are the most durable?  What products meet environmental and safety needs?  What are the maintenance needs associated with any building material or method?   Brandon Construction has the technical experience and knowledge that will allow you, as the owner, to ensure that your Hammock Dunes home is built to last.

Experienced Waterfront Building

Brandon Construction cares deeply about waterproofing, structural soundness, durability, and energy efficiency.  Certainly, the coastal environment in Hammock Dunes requires a watertight, durable, and sound building process.  Prevention of water intrusion  and high wind resistance are a key.  We closely watch the materials, such as what metal is being used in construction, what type of building envelope is to be used, and the structural engineering requirements for a variety of coastal environments.

Hammock Dunes General Contractor Services

Brandon Construction manages the resources needed for a variety of construction needs. We are glad to serve the interests owners of residents and business owners residing in Hammock Dunes.  Please see our Residential Portfolio tab and Commercial Portfolio tab for more information on our projects.


A great build starts with a vision.

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